Curye on Inglysh Heiatt & Butler


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to make furmenty; Nym clene wete & bray it in a morter well, (th)at (th)e holys gon al of, & seyt yt til it breste & nym it up & lat it kele. And nym fayre fresch bro(th) and swete mylk of almandys or swete mylk of kyne and temper yt al & nym (th)e (y)olks of eyren & saffron & do therto. Boyle it a lityl & set yt down & messe yt forth yth fat venysoun & fresch motoun.

In modern english;
to make furmenty, take wheat and put it through a mortar until the hulls are removed. Boil it until the kernels burst, then take it from the fire and let it cool. Take fresh broth, either almond or cow's milk and mix it with the wheat. Temper it with egg yolks and saffron. Heat it through again and serve it with venison or mutton.

I use bulgar wheat and let it soak in water for two or three minutes. Then boil the wheat until it is cooked to a soft texture. Drain the wheat and let it cool, or use the pot liquor instead of broth for the next step. Put in your milk and broth, the consistency will be like grape nuts with milk. More milk than broth tastes better but you can adjust for what you like. Stir well and make sure that you get the bottom mixed well. The egg yolks are to thicken the pudding. try one yolk for a serving of eight to see if you like the consistancy. The saffron is for color so you don't need to add much. Bring this mixture up to not quite a boil, mixing well. When it has heated through and thickened, it's done.

Author: Black Tauna Last Updated: 1-12 1996

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