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for to make appulmos. Nym appelyn & seth hem & lat hem kele & mak hem thorw a cloth. & on flesch dayes kast therto god fat broyt of bef & god wyte grees & sugar & saffroun; & god almande mylk on fysch dayes, oyle de olyue & god powdres & serue it forthe.

In modern english;
take apples and boil them and then let them cool and put them through a cloth. On flesh days put beef broth into the apples and butter and sugar and saffron. Good almond milk on fish days and olive oil and good powders and serve it forth.

I have taken winesaps, jonathans, granny smiths and macintoshes for this. I dislike delicious apples as they have no flavor. Core and quarter the apples and boil until soft. Run them through a food mill, skin and all. That's where the taste hides. A food processor works but the texture isn't as good. Make the apples a little stiffer in texture than what you want to end up with. I have only done the fish day version. I thin the mixture with around 1/2 cup of almond milk and a couple of teaspoons of olive oil. I then use ginger, cinnamon, cubebs and clove to taste. Swirl it up and dish it out.

Author: Black Tauna
Last Updated: 12-19 1995

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