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Blanche Porrey

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to make blaunche porre. Tak whyte lekys & perboyle hem & hewe hem smale with oynouns. Cast it in good broth & sethe it vp with smale brydds. Coloure it with safferoun; powdur yt with pouder douce.

In modern english;
take white leeks and parboil them and chop them small with onions. put it into good broth and boil it up with small birds. Color it with saffron and add powder douce.

powder douce is a pre-mixed flavoring. It is generally made with cinnamon, sugar and other spices in varying proportions. It is a mild mixture with no pepper.

Take as much chicken as you want. Dismember it into the size serving pieces you want. Do not brown the chicken, this is a "white" dish. Take as many leeks as you want to use. I use lots. Slice them in fourths, longways. Run them under water to get the sand and dirt out. Cut off the green tops and use them for something else. Cut them into small pieces. Take as many onions as you like and chop them into small pieces. I do not parboil because my leeks are fresh and do not need to be rehydrated or softened. have at the boil a good quantity of home made chicken broth. Set your onions and leeks to cook in the boiling broth. When about half done, add the chicken and a small amount of salt. Cook until everything is done. I keep the chicken shredded small so it cooks fairly quickly. While the porre is cooking, you can make your powder. I use 2T of sugar, 1/2 tsp cinnamon and ginger, and 1 big pinch of clove. Put this in a little dish or baggie and mix it up well. When the dish is done, add 1/2 t of powder at a time until you get the taste you want. It will be somewhat sweet. Put 1 or 2 threads of saffron in some warm water. They will let out their color and add it to the dish.

Author: Black Tauna Last Updated: 1-12 1996

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