Curye on Inglysh Heiatt & Butler


p 118 No 91
Fygey. Take almaundes blaunched; grynde hem and draw hem vp with water and wyne, quarter fyges, hole raisouns. Cast (th)erto powder gynger and honey clarified; see(th) it wel & salt it, & serue forth.
In Modern English:
Figgy. Take blanched almonds, grind them and put them in water and wine, quarter figs and raisons. Cast therto powdered ginger and clarified honey. Boil it well and salt it. Serve it forth.
For the season, here's figgy pudding. Put all the first ingredients together. I use more wine than water, but you don't have to. I cover the fruits and nuts with liquid. I put in about 1T of ginger for a medium sausepan full of stuff and about 3T of honey. Adjust this to your taste. Heat it thoroughly and bring to boil. You will get out most of the liquid and it will be very thick. Watch it closely. Add a dash of salt when done.

Connynges in cyrip

p112 No. 65
Connynges in cyrip. Take connynges and see(th) hem wel in good broth. Take wyne greke and do (th)erto with a porcioun of vynegar and flour of canel, hoole clowes, quybibes hoole, and o(th)er gode spices, with raisouns courance and gyngeyuer ypared and ymynced. Take vp the connynges and smyte hem on pecys and cast hem in to the siryppe, and see(th) hem a litel in fere, and serue it forth.

Coneys in syrup. Take conneys and boil them well in good broth. Take wine (a sweet heavy red wine called -greek-) and put in it some vinegar, cinnamon, whole cloves, whole quibbebs, other good spices, raisons or currants and peeled minced ginger. Divide the hares into pieces and put them in the syrup, boil them a bit and serve it forth.

Author: Black Tauna Last Updated: 1-12 1996

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