Curye on Inglysh Heiatt & Butler

Gees in Hotchpot

For to make gees in hochepot. Nym and schald hem wel, & hewe hem wel in gobettys al rawe;& se(th) hem in her owyn grees, & cast (th)erto wyn or ale a cuppe ful;& mynce onyons smal and do (th)erto & boyle yt & salt yt & messe yt for(th)e.

Modern English:
For to make geese in hochpot. Take and scald him well and cut him into pieces, keeping it raw. Cook in its own grease and put in a cup of wine or ale. Mince onions and put it in the pot. Cook it till done and salt it and set it out.

This is a nice wat to cook your goose :) without letting it get too greasy. You can scald the goose to rid it of some of the fat, but I generally just pull as much as possible off. Save it in case you were too efficient and there is not enough fat to brown the bird. Cut the bird into serving size pieces and put it in a deep skillet. Have towels nearby to get the flying grease. Brown the bird in its own fat. When nice and brown but noe too far cooked, put in your wine or ale (I like full bodied red wine, like burgundy) and turn down the heat to a nice simmer. Mince as many onions as you like and drop them in to cook. Let it come back up to a rolling simmer and cook til done. Add salt to taste and set forth.

Author: Black Tauna Last Updated: 1-12 1996

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