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Rauioles. Take wete chese & grynde hit smal, & medle hit wyt eyren & saffron and a god quantite of buttur. Make a (th)in foile of dowe & close hem (th)erin as turtlettes, & cast hem in boylyng watur, & sethe hem (th)erin. Take hote buttur meltede and chese ygratede, & ley (th)i ravioles in dissches; & ley (th)i hote buttur wyt gratede chese bine(th) & aboue, & cast (th)eron powdur douce.

In Modern English:
Ravioles. Take sweet cheese and grind it small & mix it with eggs & saffron, & a good quantity of butter. Make a thin foil of dough and close the mixture inside as with tartlettes and put them in boiling water and boil them in that. Take hot melted butter and grated cheese and put the ravioles in dishes & lay the cheese and butter above and below the ravioles. Sprinkle powder douce on top.

Cheese ravioles covered in butter and grated cheese, a lactose nightmare... I depart from periodness here because I simply can't eat this much dairy. I take about 1lb of ricotta cheese and 1 or 2 eggs and mush it together. I put in a pinch of salt and a few threads of saffron. Meddle well. Unless I am feeling very adventerous, I use won-ton wrappers. Fill them and close them. Don't put too much or they won't close properly. boil till done and strain. Melt a stick of butter and put some in the bottom of a casserole dish. Layer ravioles and butter and a good grating of your favourite cheese. Warm in the oven just until the cheese melts. Top with sweet spices. (powder douce-sometimes sugar?, cinnamon?, cloves?, nutmeg?, mace?)

Author: Black Tauna Last Updated: 1-12 1996

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