Curye on Inglysh Heiatt & Butler


p 108 No 48
Peiouns ystewed. Take peiouns and stop hem with garlec and with gode erbis ihewe, and do hem in an erthen pot; cast (th)erto gode broth and whyte grece, powder fort, safroun, verious & salt.

In Modern English:
Stewed Pigeons. Take pigeons and stuff them with garlic and with good herbs hewn, and put it in an earthen pot; put in good broth, white grease, powder forte, saffron and salt.

I use a young chicken here, because I don't have access to pigeon readily. Stuff your chicken with lots of garlic, some sage leaves, some parsley and some cilantro. truss it up to keep the goodies in. Home made chicken broth is best. Get it boiling and add the chicken. I don't generally use the oil/grease because there is enough fat on the chicken. put in powder fort to taste. (a mixture of ginger, pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg) Cook until 7/8ths done, then add saffron and salt to taste.

Author: Black Tauna Last Updated: 1-12 1996

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