Apicius-Dover-Joseph Vehling


Book III
100- Rapas sive Napes Turnips or Navews
Cook the turnips. Squeeze them dry. Crush a good amount of cumin and a little rue; Add Parthian laser or vinegar, stock, condensed wine and oil. Heat moderately & serve

Turnips or Navews Slice and boil the turnips until done. At this point you can dry and mash them or leave them in sticks or slices. Add the cumin and rue to taste. Add enough vinegar to give it a bit of sharpness, thin with some heavy sweet wine cut with the stock of your choice. Put on the heat to heat through and reduce the liquids. Add a bit of oil only if you think it is needed.

Author: Black Tauna blktauna@shawstudios.com Last Updated: 1-12 1996

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