The Pennsic Humor List

Things you should Know about Pennsic (before you go...)

  1. Pennsic is a fairly primitive site; if you haven't done much camping, you may not be prepared to go.
  2. There are very few flush toilets, but many porta johns. Can you live with this?
  3. There are @ 25 showers per gender for over 8,000 people. It is expected that you will be less than 15 minutes in the shower. There is rarely any hot water.
  4. You must be able to cook or contribute to a food plan. There are only a few (although the number is now expanding) food stalls and they can become expensive. Bring your eating gear with you.
  5. You are expected to bring your own tent, bedding, garb, furniture and lighting. You will wear out your welcome if you mooch.
  6. It gets very hot during the day and very cold during the night. If either of these things affects you adversely, think twice about coming.
  7. Each person is expected to behave in a courteous, chilvarous and adult way. Do not enter other camps without permission; don t touch other people s belongings without permission; don t touch any of the women without their permission.
  8. Please remember that the SCA is a medieval history group, not live D&D. Leave the fangs, pogs and magic games at home.
  9. The roads are rocky and steep. No cars are allowed in the campground. If you have difficulty walking, you will have trouble getting around.
  10. This is the wilderness. There is only what light you bring with you. If you have trouble with night blindness, you should take this under advisement.
  11. If and when you go to the clothing optional swimming hole, do not gape, make comments or in any other way be rude or embarrassing to the others present.
  12. Never brandish steel in any way that could even be remotely considered threatening. You can and will be removed from this or any event in which you behave this way. If you wish to show someone your steel, carefully unsheathe it, call "Clear" to let others know what you are doing and then carefully swing it 2 or 3 times. Remember, never touch a blade with you fingers. It will etch the blade.
  13. Don't go out in the sun without sunscreen and a hat. Remember, no one is going to revive you when you have fainted in the street.
  14. Wear loose clothes in the day and warm clothes at night.
  15. Don't drink alcohol in the heat of the day. Drink lots of water. Don't drink to excess at night. No one is going to carry you home. Or perhaps someone you don't want to will carry you to their home...You definately don't want to heave your guts in the wilderness or a porta john.
  16. . It always rains at Pennsic. Stow your gear with this in mind. There are also windstorms. Lash your things securely.
  17. The money machines are far from the site and they may not take your card. Plan your spending accordingly. Stow your travel money separately from your play money.
  18. Do not wander onto the archery field or the fighting fields. Be aware of your surroundings.
  19. When you hear "hold" called, stop immediately. "Hold" signifies a problem or danger. Look around carefully to see if the "hold" refers to you. Don t move until the "hold" is cleared.
  20. Be sure to read all information given to you at the troll booth. Pay attention to the Heralds. Do not talk over them or interfere with them. The information they are giving is for your benefit.
  21. Pennsic is expensive to attend. The weekend is @ $40.00/person with @$5.00/day for each additional day. Tolls run about $24.00 round trip and you should plan on two tanks of gas. That is if you have a car...Again, keep your travel money safe and out of reach so that you can get home.
  22. Bring any medications with you and be sure that they are in the original containers. Make sure that the Chirurgeons know about any disabilities or allergies that you have.
  23. Laundry facilities are on site, but they are always crowded.
  24. Do not leave your trash all over. Bring trash bags and use them. Keep them out of the sun or they will smell. Keep them closed or the bugs will congregate around them.
  25. Do not invite your friends to visit. They will be turned away or asked to pay for the whole of Pennsic.
  26. Do not bring your kids if they do not want to come.
  27. Do not leave your kids unattended. This is rude to the kids and surrounding adults.
  28. Don t drink anything called "strawberry surprise".
  29. Bring your own toilet paper and make sure the lid is down on the porta castle. Trust me on this one.
last addition 7-25-95

Author: Black Tauna Last Updated: 1-12 1996

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